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At SIGMA Instrument Methods™ we are not only committed to providing you with the most advanced spinal treatment technology available today, but also with all of the training, research, communication and marketing tools that you will need to successfully and profitably integrate the SIGMA Adjusting System into your practice.

Every successful chiropractic clinic is a unique blend of its procedures, methods, relationships and its people. At SIGMA Instrument Methods™, we believe that the foundation of your success in practice is built on two very important pillars:

Consistent clinical results

Your reputation and ability to market and communicate what you do to your potential patients, referring health care providers and others in your community.

At SIGMA Instrument Methods™, we are dedicated and determined to provide you with the best tools, techniques and methods to achieve truly unparalleled levels excellence and financial success in these areas of your professional life.

The SIGMA Success Network™ provides A Complete and Comprehensive Blueprint on How to Successfully implement the SIGMA Adjusting System™ into your practice in very little time…

BurstThe SIGMA Success Network™ is your online key to a comprehensive collection of resources that will make your confidence and certainty levels in computer-assisted SIGMA instrument-based chiropractic practice soar. Technology has gained acceptance because it is irrefutable. SIGMA™ Instruments leads the field in development and manufacturing of instrument-based spinal treatment technologies. The benefit of combining technology with patient care is a powerful tool. Once your certainty levels soar, so will the confidence and belief in what you are providing for your patients.

For Those Who Want to Successfully Implement a Solid Research-Based Adjusting Technology into your Chiropractic Practice At Breakneck Speed …This is a NO Brainer!


Some Immediate Benefits of Joining the SIGMA Success Network™:

Online Instrument Adjusting Research LibraryBooks

In today’s competitive and evidence-based world of health care, results alone are no longer sufficient. Research is the foundation on which all health care decisions are made. The SIGMA Success Network™ has done all the work for you and assembled an online database of relevant research pertinent to chiropractic instrument, and computer-assisted instrument based practice. With this powerful information resource, you will have at your fingertips everything you need to clearly communicate the benefits of instrument-based treatment to your patients and referral sources.By joining the SIGMA Success Network™ you will have the ability to search the SIGMA Success Network™ online database for articles on any keyword, author, or date. Once you have the solid research foundation you need to confidently build and expand your practice.

Everybody’s Talking About It …
Now You Too Can Successfully Implement SIGMA™ Adjusting Technology into your Chiropractic Practice by joining The SIGMA Success Network™

Become recognized as an elite certified SIGMA™ Computer Instrument Provider

Join the SIGMA Success Network™ and you get the benefits of having your name, practice as well as a link to your web page listed in the main search Provider page of the SIGMA Instrument Methods™ webpage. You have attended the trainings and completed certification…Now let potential patients and others know you are a SIGMA™ Certified Provider. Patients will seek you out. Ask anyone who has ever used the SIGMA™ Instrument. One or two additional patient visits per month or a single new patient in one year, will easily cover your total monthly cost for your entire SIGMA Success Network™ membership.

Join in on lively SIGMA Success Network™  Discussion Blogs

Stay connected to a large network of thousands of SIGMA™Instrument users and discuss a cross section of interesting and timely topics related to both clinical and business aspects of technique and SIGMA computer-instrument treatment. Want to get together with others in your particular technique specialty and discuss how to integrate the SIGMA instrument into your technique approach? Join SIGMA Success Network™ and take part in the discussion.

Amazing! You Can Really use a solid, straightforward neuro-functional approach based on best available evidence in modern Neuromuscular Technique, and Chiropractic Science, and implement it in very little time ... We'll Show You How!

Practitioner SIGMA™“University of Implementation”

Join SIGMA Success Network™ and get a Step by step plan for successful implementation of SIGMA instrument and procedures into your practice. SIGMA Instrument Methods™ provides real-life, time-tested methods others have used to grow highly successful SIGMA™ Instrument based practices. Templates as well as additional tools are provided that you can use to quickly and effectively introduce this exciting new SIGMA™ technology into your practice.

Join SIGMA Success Network™ and you also get immediate exclusive access* to our select group of partnering organizations who offer additional proprietary SIGMA Instrument Methods™ Marketing and Support Tools, including customized, SIGMA™ Instrument websites, SIGMA Instrument Methods™in-office video marketing and advertising programs, SIGMA specific condition specific pamphlets through Back Talk Systems as well as customized, SIGMA Instrument Methods™ newspaper and radio advertising templates.

*Additional fees applicable 

 Downloadable SIGMA Methods™ Forms & Practice Tools

By joining SIGMA Success Network™ you also get instant access to an assortment of downloadable PDF practice tools that you can put to work right away for promoting your SIGMA™ Instrument-based practice. This includes, SIGMA Instrument Methods™ Office Forms, customizable SIGMA Instrument Methods™ practice brochures, SIGMA Instruments Magazine (designed specifically to educate MD’s in your community), SIGMA™ Force Guidelines Chart. Tools to help you skyrocket your clinical results and your business success.

SIGMA Methods™ Technique Toolbox

Staying on top of your technique will keep your practice at its peak. Your patients are always impressed when you introduce new methods and technique approaches in their care, that speed their response to treatment. Providers across the globe using SIGMA Instrument Methods™ approach, continually send us new treatment applications and methods that they have found beneficial in patient care.  SIGMA Methods™ Technique Toolbox, keeps you in the know, with regular email updates containing clinical practice tips and new treatment procedures and protocols to keep your clinical skills sharp and focused.Practitioner2

SIGMA™ Instrument Protocol Library

Condition-based Protocols are one of the key elements of the SIGMA Instrument Methods™ approach, along with spinal assessment and adjustment procedures. Join SIGMA Success Network™, and get online access to the complete library of SIGMA condition-based protocols along with clear instructions for each protocol, detailed neuroanatomical explanations and clinical justifications for each. As new protocols are released, they are continually uploaded to the site.

This feature by itself is well worth the entire low monthly cost of your SIGMA Success Network™ membership.

Post Classified Ads to the entire SIGMA Success Network™ Community

By joining SIGMA Success Network™ at no additional cost, you can send and receive classified personal practice ads* to/from the entire SIGMA Success Network Community™. Looking to hire a SIGMA Methods™ trained associate or chiropractic assistant?Need a vacation fill-in but can’t find a qualified SIGMA Methods™ Provider? Looking to buy or sell a practice or buy or sell practice equipment? Fill in a simple form and let the responses come to you from interested and qualified prospects. In addition to the many benefits of joining the SIGMA Success Network™.



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